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suckabunny's Journal

blanche and rose
welcome to blanche and rose's journal of good times.
"the queen", amazing transparent man, art, badmitton, barry watson (not really), blossom, bob saget, boston, boy scouts (excluding some), brad pitt, caedmon's call, canada, candelite christmas services, care bears, chic, chicago, christian from bbmak, chuck taylors, clerks, conan obrien, cornacopias, counting crows, country music, cowboys, crack, crazy black, dashboard confessional, dave matthews band, david the gnome, dead babies, dead fetus', dispatch, email-collecting robots, evengelical covenant church, fif, furries, fuzzy slippers, garth brooks, getto white kids, gumby, guys who play lacross, hackney's, hard core miliotis, hello dave, hobos, jack black, jack johnson, jars of clay, jason lee, jay, jeff buckley, jesus, jewel, john mayer, johnny mono, karmesh, kenny chesney, kevin smith, knives, less than jake, local h, losers, mark johnson, midgets, milk maids, mr. conroy, mr. macejak, mr. moon, mr. rodgers, mullets, my little ponys, my little sister, my nerd, my room, nerds, nick, niles west, o.a.r, oar, oompa loopmas, painting, perez, pete yorn, peter pan, photography, pickleball, pirates, plankeye, poping squats, purple lint, radiohead, randal, real world, red wanting blue, relient k, rusted root, shuttlecocks, silent bob, skiball, smashing pumpkins, smurfs, stars, styx, switchfoot, the eagles, the el, the real world, the smoking popes, the word "neato", theo, third day, threes company, tim mcgraw, tito jackson, tj!!!, todd, trading spaces, travel irons, wild and crazy kids