blanche and rose (suckabunny) wrote,
blanche and rose

the greatest story ever told.

one day meghan and pauline were driving to pauline's dad's house. they took lake shore drive to get there. as they were approaching some tall buildings and pauline said "my meghan, we sure are REALLY close to elkin's house. hey look! there it is! i really wish elkin would fall in love with me". right as pauline said it elkin looked out a window in his apartment and noticed a little green car speeding down the big street and said out loud "my that sure does look like pauline's car. i wish she would fall in love with me." after all that happened meghan looked over at pauline and noticed that she had a yellow ora. all of a sudden the car filled with smoke and lindsay lohan was driving the car. meghan screamed and lindsay swerved because she was only twelve and didn't know how to drive.. as that was happening elkin had to pee. he went into the bathroom and stood in front of the toilet but he missed. it all shot straight down his legs. he was missing some essential man parts. he looked in the mirror and saw jaime lee curtis' face. he put his hands on his face and shouted "i'm like the crypt keeper!!" it all remains a mystery.

- rose aka meghan
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